How the Coronavirus will affect the tourism sector


Social scaremongering is tourism’s worst ally. As has happened on other occasions with adverse atmospheric phenomena or in regions where there is certain political instability, a destination can see a drastic drop in its visitors if we are not careful with the information we give of the facts. When we […]

How to choose the best booking engine for your hotel


What should we consider when choosing the best hotel booking engine? Today we bring you some keys that we think will be useful when making a decision. Choosing a booking engine for your tourist accommodation is not a choice we should take lightly. We have to take into account several […]

The dangers and advantages of having influencers in your hotel

influencers hotel

In recent years the use by brands of people with large numbers of followers on Social Networks has multiplied. The risks of their use have also increased. Hiring an influencers and providing them with some kind of monetary or in-kind payment has become very common for all companies, hoteliers are […]

Valentine’s Day at your hotel: sales strategies with lots of love


Valentine’s Day at your hotel is a key date for generating new bookings. The spirit of this little cherub floods February with his best wishes for love and, when one least expects it, he ends up looking for the best detail to share with his partner. Spain is one of […]

Advantages of outsourcing your hotel’s Revenue Management in 2019

hotel revenue manager outsource

More and more independent hotels are opting to work with revenue strategies with the clear objective of seeing their income increased significantly. For some time, the hotel chains already have this figure fully implemented and standardized in their organizational charts, but when we talk about small companies and independent hotels […]

Revenue management: starting from scratch (free whitepaper)

Revenue management
Do you know how to manage your hotel's revenue? Many establishments today still don't have a professional to manage income, much less a specialist to control all the strategies for their hotel sales. We perfectly understand the reluctance to expose everything to strangers who come to analyze and "judge" the [...]


direct sales strategies

Hotels’ direct sales strategies are increasingly taking into account factors that go beyond traditional price comparison exercises and times of the year. With the celebration of the iconic Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this weekend, the season of music festivals around the world has officially opened. Names like Tomorrowland, […]


technology customer loyalty

The latest Trust Barometer report on the technology sector, prepared by the multinational Edelman, has revealed that technology is the area that generates more trust in our society. With unparalleled development possibilities and a growing influence in the current panorama, it has become a fundamental tool for customer loyalty, something […]