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The aspiration of getting digital presence is constant in every kind of company, but it is even more important factor for hotel companies. Turning to free platforms in order to build a first draft of your corporate websitemight be a good step; however, it is appropiate to know that, sooner or later, the sector own priorities will need a more exhaustive study about the situation.

Before using the excuse of the cousin with IT knowledge who is completely able to do this job, you should know that achieving a consistent and well produced website desing for hotels it is necesary the investment. A correct Audit of yout website and develpment must include the next steps:

1.Company analysis: which is the business line, what are the needs of the website, which are the strong and puntos strenghts and weaknesses of your competitors, which is the brand identity… Those questions and many others require a previous analysis mandatory for the project.

2. The decision-making: after getting all the information done during the analysis process, you should define what contents and tools must be in the website and even make a valoration of the long-term improvements.

3. Defining the arquitecture: the sitemap is the main tool in which you should based your website on. This is a crucial step that may help to determine the investment, specially to know if the improvements will need html development ori f it is posible to incorporate them through a managing tool as WordPress. Our advice: it is not convenient choose the easy way -ergo, cheap-, but establish what are your needs.

4. Corporate design: we already know that having a guidelines document that let us know the visual identity of your brand is not always possible, but we recommend, at least, having some basic knowledge about this kind of rules. The current user is totally capable of reject a good website due to a wrong design. Be consequent, follow the advices and take account of all the trends in graphic design in order to make periodic updates. And obviously, do not forget that your website needs a responsive design.

5. SEO: develop all your content and adapt the images of your web to search criteria SEO. If you find a good expert in organic search, the succesful of your website will be guaranteed.

6. Analysis system integration: the more importance you give to a good website, the more you should be concerned for a good measurement. You will get an exhaustive evaluation of your site with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and will know all the traffic information in order to apply future changes.

Even though the fact that are many factors during this process, investing time and money to this aim will be always positive to your business. After all, a good work will let you have important results: easy navigation, a better SEO positioning, quality and reliability in your brand perception and, of course, an increasing income.

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