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The latest Trust Barometer report on the technology sector, prepared by the multinational Edelman, has revealed that technology is the area that generates more trust in our society. With unparalleled development possibilities and a growing influence in the current panorama, it has become a fundamental tool for customer loyalty, something that can be perfectly reflected in the tourist and hotel environment.

At thinkIN we understand technology not only as an effective tool for our daily work, but also as an element that we want to bet on, with the aim of increasing direct sales for our customers. This is reflected in the recent launch of our own booking engine, beth, developed by ourselves based on our own needs, but also in the different technological alternatives to which we work from different departments for customers loyalty.

Here is a selection of five technological proposals for customer loyalty that will give us a lot to talk about in the hotel industry.

Intelligent IVR: a key for customer loyalty

Without a doubt, one of the key elements for the digital transformation in the call center. The IVR System has been working for years in the sector as an interactive option to respond to customers and be able to find out, step by step, what their doubts or requirements are. In today’s systems, users are allowed not only to talk to the system and make it understand them, but also to always contact the same agent to create a much closer sales link.

Tripadvisor Collection Program

The classic satisfaction survey has been, for many years, the tool with which hotels found out how to improve their services. What if this survey turned good impressions into Tripadvisor reviews? The online review giant is currently working with different partners to facilitate the conversion of surveys into reviews. You only need to know the e-mail address of the guests who have recently checked out to send them a completely personalized survey, aimed at directly becoming a review. It’s an easy way to build customer loyalty, and it’s perfect for increasing your establishment’s reputation.

e-mail marketing

If you still relate the concept of e-mail marketing with spam, you have probably missed several years of evolution in the sector. When a newsletter is well enough planned, it can not only make you get more bookings but also generate conversation with your customers. Beyond commercial purposes, hotels tend to start this relationship from the moment the reservation is made, recommending places to visit or everything they will need before making their trip.


The impact of the Internet of things in the hotel sector is indisputable. The connectivity within the establishment itself and gadgets to facilitate the user experience are loyalty techniques that are increasingly extended. Not only do we talk about the tablet that many hotels put in the rooms with information about the destination or the rules of the establishment, we also refer to the electronic keys that are sent to the users’ personal phones -thus avoiding the check-in process at Reception-, as well as the voice assistants or the intelligent management of supplies.

Business Intelligence at the service of Big Data

Customer loyalty is more possible than ever with today’s Business Intelligence systems. Just as important as generating reservations is knowing when potential clients of our hotel start planning their holidays. Through the research of data referring to previous years, we can get a rough idea of when this moment will occur and make commercial campaigns (calls, e-mail marketing, display campaigns, social ads…). Anticipation is fundamental to generate sales and, definitely, big data is the right option.

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