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If there is a time of year that is especially suitable for photographing any moment and sharing it with others, there is no doubt that time is summer. It is also an extraordinarily positive opportunity for the hotel’s Community Manager.

During the holidays the best moments are lived, the good mood is shot and the Instagram profiles are filled with feet on the beach, sunsets to be framed, toasts in the swimming pool, special reunions with family or friends and memorable stays in dream hotels. A good hotel Community Manager must be able to capture the essence of the accommodation through the photos of the travellers. There is no better advertising than the real experiences posted by our guests on social networks.

Unlike other social networks that may experience a decrease in activity during the summer period, Instagram, whose essential use is through smartphone, remains with stable and constant data. Therefore, it is an ideal opportunity to give a boost to your social networking strategy, offer the best face of your hotel and make a place forever in the timeline of your followers. Today we bring you some essential tips to stand out as Community Manager for your hotel.

Hotel Community Manager: how to improve your strategy

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  • As we’ve already suggested, the first tip you can’t pass up is the use of user-created content as part of your social networking strategy. When a user uses geolocalized tags or hashtags related to our hotel, such as the name, claim or promotion we are using, to share their experience with us and other users, there is an opportunity to use real testimonials that give value to our brand. Similarly, giving visibility to the photographs and videos of our guests is an easy way to work on their loyalty.
  • It is increasingly common for Instagram users to consume the content we post horizontally rather than vertically. This means that the strength of Instagram content has shifted to stories and less and less to post. One way for the hotel’s Community Manager to make a profit on this is by publishing more resources in this format or even reinforcing new publications through stories.
  • The user wants to see what his holidays is going to be like. A hotel community manager must be able to transfer the expectations to the next traveler in the same way that it must create the need to book those who have not yet contracted their holidays with us. The best way to make your hotel’s Instagram look summery and desirable is to use content that reflects the day-to-day life of the hotel, introduce the staff you are going to find to assist you, promote getaways for resident tourism, share other experiences or even give some tips on places of interest in the destination, as we will see below.
  • Instagram is today a reference source for travellers who are deciding destination or for those who are establishing an itinerary of things they wish to visit during their stay. The hotel Community Manager must leave space to promote the destination among the contents it publishes. The paradisiacal beach, a cliff with views, water parks, the best discotheques, complementary activities… These are just some examples of values added to your accommodation. Although the location is often a determining factor, knowing that your hotel staff through social networks or reception will be able to recommend some amazing places to visit can be a determining factor. If the hotel has an Experience Centre, it can also be useful for its promotion and encourage cross-selling in addition to the destination.

We hope these tips have been useful to you! If, on the other hand, you have decided to outsource this service, remember that at thinkIN we have a large professional team of content managers and community managers for hotels that would be delighted to be at your service.

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