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Let’s be realistic… travelling is trendy, and more for millennials. Nothing makes you get more engagement in social media like sharing pictures of a twilight in Machu Picchu, a panoramic view in the middle of the Route 66 or the most exotic dish in all Indonesia. Despite the fact that we have recently discovered that everything is already invented –as in this curious video-, a Facebook study reveals that the 68% of the millennials have found travel ideas through Facebook and a 60% did it on Instagram.

Conscious of this opportunity that this offer to tourism establishments and companies, Mark Zuckerberg’s giant has recently launched the Trip Consideration tool. The purpose is not other than provide to advertisers the opportunity of making known their Brand at the momento in which travellers are choosing destinations or doing the schedule of their holidays.

It is not necessary that the travellers were located at the destination to be reached, cause this new launch would let us go to the target that previously has shown their interest on doing some trip or has requested touristic recommendations through his audience. This is, precisely, the key that makes this tool so interesting for the hotels market.

Hotel vs. millenial

Millenial target is one of the most resistant against hotel companies. The proliferation of platforms such as AirB&B or even communities like Couchsurfing have done hotels decide to be more focused on an older audience. Having into account the recent interest of hotel brands on building their image on Social Media, Facebook’s Trip Consideration is the ultimate tool to achieve a closer relationship between both parts.

What should we know before choosing this tool for your campaings? Anticipation, honesty and experience is the mantra that you must repeat every time you interact with this target.

Anticipating to events is decisive to make users choose your establishment or another one. On this case, there’s no possibility of using last time offers or the emergency call, something very effective on booking engine. We want to have impact on a kind of user that checks all his options calmly, that compares and that needs more aspirational incentives than a simple price. Choose your segments, make a continuous following of your campaigns and try all the possible formulas in order to find the suitable one.

As important as knowing the target is to keep the honesty with your own hotel. Your messages has to inspire, but always has to be coherent with the reality. Its is absurd to launch an overpromised message on social media when your users, after taking a look to your website, discover that your hotel is not so special. In fact, if they finally book, they never can find installations that are not the same that they saw on their timeline. Be honest and present the best of your hotel, it is the only way to keep your reputation.

Guarantee experience and not selling. Millennials are expert consumers and what they truly find at the time of the trip is a romantic -not practice- view of the plan. Make them think that they are the most sophisticated travellers and not a simple number of room. Take advantage of the gastronomy, the natural sources of the location, the culture of your country… follow the trends on Pinterest or Tumblr and, above all, don’t economize on filming and photo production. Your users will get another reason to follow and share your communications.

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