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The nightmare of every hotel company will always be to see how their informative actions and promotions go to the spam file. This is one of the most common reasons to not include the e-mail marketing in the digital strategy of the hotels. However, we already note that this is not the right way.

Before tell you point by point the main causes, there is necessary to know that internet users have grown in the same way that digital tools and platforms have been progressing. That means that we should start by knowing that we have a kind of user more predisposed to open corporate e-mails. In particular, a study made by Digital Response reveals that the open, click and conversión rate has been increased during the last year in campaigns of this type.

As at thinkIN we defend that there is life beyond the spam, we invite you to discover which are the advantages of adding this tool in your hotel’s strategy.

360º vision

E-mail marketing actions usually are the ultimate step to get presence in all your digital channels. The whole resources of your hotel, like a well-positioned website, your active and personalized social networks, your SEM & social ads campaigns or the reputation management in the specialized portals, may seen perfectly improved and complemented by the e-mail sending to a users database.

Impact to the hardest segments

It a mistake to thinks that all your social media followers represent all your hotel target. Even thought the fact that some of them are been opening to channels traditionally made for a specific target, the e-mail let us impact in all kind of users.

Promote specific campaigns

Season actions are very common in the hotel trade. Valentin’es Day, Easter, Christmas, summer and even the special dates are perfect to motivate your potential customer. E-mail marketing is the ideal tool to stand out against a vast competence during this periods.

Personalizing & Building loyalty

Current trends ask for the need of managing audiences to managing people. Use all your customer’s data to impact them or even to make agreements with tour operators. Disccounts to celebrate the birthday of your guests, promotions to those turists that we already know they are near to have holidays, compensations to dissatisfied guests, a plus to your own employees or guarantees to the customers that always come back… The ways to build loyalty are infinite.

Digital Transformation of your business

As a part f the philosophy that the own trade defends, the concept #BookDirect has to be the keyto make hotels take the final step to achieve the Digital Transformation. Customers must participate on this process and, the promotions through e-mail marketing, are the best option to educate them as hotel guests totally able to do their own reservations.

Big Data

Databases are a diamond to practice hotel’s marketing. The constant contact with customers and no customers through the e-mail will let you update your contact list and informations and respect their wishes about privacy.

Results measuring

Every e-mail marketing managing tool, as the well known Mailchimp, will offer the posibility of knowing the reach and repercussion of all your campaigns. This is compatible with multiple measurable issues, like your website traffic, the level of data that you get thanks to this kind of actions or the number of reservations that the hotel got after sending the message.

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