Advantages of outsourcing your hotel’s Revenue Management in 2019

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More and more independent hotels are opting to work with revenue strategies with the clear objective of seeing their income increased significantly. For some time, the hotel chains already have this figure fully implemented and standardized in their organizational charts, but when we talk about small companies and independent hotels we find other situations. In these cases, outsourcing revenue management in 2019 may be key to success.

The main objective of hiring a company that offers this figure, is without a doubt, the increase in income. It is essential to have a person dedicated to a full time in the analysis of strategies and implementation of them. Among them, the most important tasks to consider and control are the prices and constant availability, since both parameters are part of the key to success.

In independent hotels, it is very difficult to find this figure dedicated to these tasks of analysis and control, so that, at this point, outsourcing becomes fundamental.

If you want to know the advantages offered by outsource hotel revenue management in 2019, don’t miss the following points:


You will have a team of experts in this field who will be exclusively dedicated to analyze and study in an active way which are the best strategies to apply. The professional revenue will in charge of these tasks following a well-studied methodology that has been developed through his experience. In this way, we easily manage very complex tasks that require a large investment of time. This method allows you to make decisions safely and minimize risks, execute strategies and directly influence the results.


Use of tools and specific technology aimed at improving income directly. We leave in expert hands the analysis and daily use of complicated tools, such as “Shoppers”, to obtain useful data.


Analysis and control of the specific distribution channels that are necessary for the increase of sales.


One of the main objectives of the revenue it will reduce intermediation costs and help you promote sales in channels with the lowest distribution cost, including your website.


Another habitual task that the professional revenue performs, and that bring great value, are market analyzes, the management of historical data and the study of the characteristics of the establishment, with the aim of promoting the sale of its strong points. The optimization of the strategy tells us where we should do Benchmarking improvements in comparison with the competition.


The experience is an added value. When hiring specialized companies, you make sure that the professionals who are on the other side they have the necessary experience to manage this work successfully. In addition, it allows us to take advantage of previous knowledge about the square, helping us not to overlook any opportunity for improvement.

We hope to have convinced you that outsourcing revenue management is a vital decision for your establishment. Do not hesitate, if you need help, “Act thinkIN” we can help you.

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