The dangers and advantages of having influencers in your hotel

In recent years the use by brands of people with large numbers of followers on Social Networks has multiplied. The risks of their use have also increased. Hiring an influencers and providing them with some kind of monetary or in-kind payment has become very common for all companies, hoteliers are […]

Valentine’s Day at your hotel: sales strategies with lots of love

Valentine’s Day at your hotel is a key date for generating new bookings. The spirit of this little cherub floods February with his best wishes for love and, when one least expects it, he ends up looking for the best detail to share with his partner. Spain is one of […]

Online Reputation: the importance of response and analysis

Can we consider Online Reputation as a science? Perhaps it is a bit pretentious to go that far, but what is undeniable is that it has become one of the central pillars of hotel management. At thinkIN we have a good habit of always welcoming new colleagues into the meeting […]

Advantages of outsourcing your hotel’s Revenue Management in 2019

More and more independent hotels are opting to work with revenue strategies with the clear objective of seeing their income increased significantly. For some time, the hotel chains already have this figure fully implemented and standardized in their organizational charts, but when we talk about small companies and independent hotels […]

Instagram is for summer

If there is a time of year that is especially suitable for photographing any moment and sharing it with others, there is no doubt that time is summer. It is also an extraordinarily positive opportunity for the hotel’s Community Manager. During the holidays the best moments are lived, the good […]

Revenue management: starting from scratch (free whitepaper)

Do you know how to manage your hotel's revenue? Many establishments today still don't have a professional to manage income, much less a specialist to control all the strategies for their hotel sales. We perfectly understand the reluctance to expose everything to strangers who come to analyze and "judge" the [...]