Revenue management

Analyze, predict and overtake the demand of your future client

Our hotel revenue management area helps you to monitor the market daily to predict consumer behavior and maximize revenue from the farm in order to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time at the right price And in the appropriate channel.

  • Analysis of benchmarking, cost, presence in channels and historical data.
  • Forecasting and forecasting
  • Segmentation, analysis of competition and distribution channels.
  • Pricing and availability strategy.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of results

Increase your chances of growth

Focuses on strategic short, medium and long-term sales decisions through big data and intelligent analytics.

Have all the information to establish your Price strategy

We help you collect the most relevant data generated by the hotel activity, from all sources and in real time, so that you can make the most appropriate decisions when setting prices.

Improve analysis structure based on your distribution.

We help you to develope a good revenue strategy by optimizing the commercial strategy by channel, crossing the data to configure behavior patterns and optimizing your tools on a constant basis.