About Us

An attitude, a team oriented to the distribution and marketing for hotels

We share the thinkIN ATTITUDE with all those who value initiatives, specialization and synergies within their work teams. And this translates into a commitment to great advantages:

  • We offer a centralized management of each of our areas and a team of professionals specialized in each field. With our work we can offer you greater fluidity and a considerable and valuable SAVINGS OF TIME.
  • We work to IMPROVE THE VISIBILITY OF YOUR BRAND AND UNIFY it in all distribution channels, to increase direct sales.
  • We make your hotel compete on equal terms with the main OTA’s, so that you have the control of your RESERVATIONS at all times.
  • We advise you and offer “à la carte” solutions, according to your needs, working with the PAYMENT FOR RESULTS formula to help you reduce costs and minimize risks.
  • We know the industry, we evolve with it and WE HAVE THE ONLINE AND OFFLINE TOOLS NEEDED to improve the marketing and maximize the profitability of your business.


At thinkIN we work to manage the direct sales channels through technological solutions, in order to optimize resources and maximize profits. We make your culture and goals part of us, establishing with your team and your guests lasting bonds of commitment.

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