Valentine’s Day at your hotel: sales strategies with lots of love

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Valentine’s Day at your hotel is a key date for generating new bookings. The spirit of this little cherub floods February with his best wishes for love and, when one least expects it, he ends up looking for the best detail to share with his partner.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest expenditure on these dates. Our investment in Valentine’s Day plans and gifts is higher than the European average, whether it be through dinners, flowers, experiences… and – why not? – something more spicy to share. This is why it has become a key date to increase sales during the month of love.

Valentine’s Day at your hotel: a temple of love

To take advantage of a date like Valentine’s Day at our hotel, we must focus on adding value to the product we offer. If we add romantic details, the experience will be a complete one. In this sense, we find a series of classics that are frequent in most Spanish establishments.


Romantic Packs

Specialized packages work very well: they usually include amenities such as dinner, chocolates, couples’ spa, massages, erotic details, or any other extra detail you can add to your rooms.

Online strategy and anticipation

It is very important that you offer your product in advance and that it is well visible in your sales channels. Your website must be the best showcase to attract customers with this type of experience. If you create it as a type of room that includes the whole experience, it will gain visibility. If, in addition, you adapt your web advertising and focus it on your marketing actions and social networks for Valentine’s Day in your hotel, you will be able to achieve even better results in terms of visibility and direct sales.

Experiences that make you fall in love

We know that experiences are in! So publish on your networks, show what you offer and sweeten it up so that everyone who sees it will thirst for romantic moments. Stories on Facebook and Instagram, periodically, are one of the best weapons. Don’t forget to be consistent in your communications, but don’t overload.

The atmosphere is everything

We know that 90% of the couples are looking for dinner at this time. If you decide to make a special offer that includes it, it is important that from the hotel they take care of creating a special atmosphere.  Not only will the dishes be valuable in the experience, but also in the atmosphere that we manage to create.

The singles too!

To conclude, do not forget the singles. Nothing like self-esteem to confirm that Valentine’s Day is not just a date for couples. The single segment in recent years is also making its foray into these dates. If you create experiences focused on them, with an ironic and funny wink, you will surely achieve success. For example, pack your rooms with dinners for single groups or blind dates, tours, wine tastings, and for the more flirtatious a good beauty sessoin.

We hope these ideas will help you boost your hotel’s sales on Valentine’s Day. Long live love and more than ever «self» love!

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