The dangers and advantages of having influencers in your hotel

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In recent years the use by brands of people with large numbers of followers on Social Networks has multiplied. The risks of their use have also increased.

Hiring an influencers and providing them with some kind of monetary or in-kind payment has become very common for all companies, hoteliers are not exempt from this trend. In the last few days we have learned about the warning that the Advertising Jury of Autocontrol, the independent organism of self-regulation of the advertising industry in our country, has imposed on the microinfluencer Paulina Eriksson.

The case will not be important and the sanction imposed is limited to a mere warning, but it is true that it sets a precedent in Spain, which does not have adopted legislation for advertising by this type of user on the network. In theory, they should be governed by the basic rules of advertising and label all promotional content as an advertisement. These rules are currently ignored because the authorities are unable to discern whether the recommendation is paid for or simply “lifestyle” content.

Paulina Erickson´s Case

The case of this girl of Swedish origin living in Marbella is repeated every day on our social networks. The difference is that this time there has been a complaint from some users, the first one in Spain. In her post and in the opinion of the Jury: “the content and characteristics of the message were typical of promotional content”, “The opinion leader focuses her post on a single product using a clearly laudatory tone about the advantages and characteristics of wireless headsets“.

Despite Erickson’s initial refusal and protest, it has been determined that the influence “is focused on that product, referring only to its benefits and peculiarities, without mentioning or even suggesting any inconvenience with respect to it or pointing out other alternatives”.

The regulations in Spain are still in the initial phase. At present, a draft regulation is being prepared to regulate this type of content. Penalties will grow and the risks for companies and opinion leaders will be greater. We must be careful

The danger for hotels

There are many cases of hotels constantly collaborating with leading influencers. Despite not being a physical product for direct consumption, and being able to mask itself after an experience of enjoyment, we must be careful when collaborating in this way.

According to the regulations, any publication in which the benefits of a product are directly or indirectly mentioned for advertising purposes and under some form of remuneration is obliged to be marked as an advertisement.

On certain occasions, references are sought in the world of social networks that collaborate with their convening power; facilitating their stay, their consumption in the hotel’s restaurants or giving access to certain VIP services that they can then promote. Remember that if you reach this type of agreement you must indicate in your publication and in those of the influencer that it is advertising content. It is better to cover your back than to get involved in any kind of public trial for an incident like this.

There are very positive statistics that indicate the impact that influencers create on brands, it is a less invasive way of dealing with advertising. Up to 74% influence social networks in a purchase decision. Product engagement is up to 41% better than a brand publication.

On the other hand, there are several risk factors that we can see. There are many influencers with inflated statistics. Buying bots or likes is a common practice and you have to be very careful with this kind of profiles.

In short, it is advisable to rely on the recommendations of agencies and experts.  They should determine the appropriateness of collaborating with an influencers and the methods for doing so. At Thinkin we will answer all your questions.

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