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The year 2019 begins and you may be wondering what are the trends in social networks that will set the strategy this year that you can follow in your hotel.

With the new updates and rapid changes made by major social networks, it’s essential to develop a clear strategy with several points of view (both short term and long term). It’s necessary to pay attention to the type of content that users have been consuming over the years and that makes this new year set clear guidelines that we recommend you to follow. In addition, in terms of what social media strategy refers to hotels, we believe that the trends are drawn clearly.

Experiential content

In general, the user who follows tourist establishments seeks to find a showcase that invites them to begin their experience even before they have traveled to the destination. Holidays are, nowadays, one of the most important assets that exist and 2019 is not going to be different. Users use social networks as a window to the outside. Scandalous landscapes, pleasant moments that show the activity of your hotel, a sequence of stories that make you travel that instant miles away … Avoid using photographs and videos of empty spaces, interact with your community, know their tastes and establish a calendar of content that is participatory to interact with your brand.

Integrate UGT into your strategy

‘User Generated Content’ refers to all content that has been created by the users. In other words, they are those photographs and videos that tourists are creating and that they are sharing with you through their social profiles. It’s true that some materials do not have enough quality, but others are real windows that put in front of the user, real people enjoying experiences at their fingertips. It is, therefore, to show our followers that what they want to live is possible, since we are not talking about services expressed in advertising, but spontaneously through our own ambassadors through content in different formats.  

Customer service channel

It’s important that your social media department is aligned with the other departments in your hotel. It’s increasingly common for users to use social networks to ask questions about their reservation or to be interested in complementary services, rates or accommodation conditions. Therefore, it’s essential that the person who responds to messages and comments from these platforms has clear and complete information that can provide to the user, as well as direct contact with possible departments that might be involved in the most common demands to be able to manage these requests.

Invest in Social Media

The reach that we can have with our publications in an organic way when a user uses the search bar in social networks, is very reduced. An essential tip for account managers in 2019 is to have an investment, no matter how to circulate ads on social networks or invest in certain publications to increase the possibility of appearing in customer searches.

Use stories

The latest marketing trend for your hotel for 2019 that we want to share with you, is the use of stories as an indispensable part of your strategy. Users are consuming more and more information horizontally and less by scrolling vertically. This leads us to understand that we must use stories in social media that show about the day of our establishment that, mixed with the previous tips that we have given to you, have to be brief to fit with the limitations that the different networks place on us (such as, for example, the 15 seconds of Instagram).

The trends are clear, do you have the capacity to assume the change? If the answer is ‘no’ sometimes the best strategy is to surrender to the evidence and have a professional and qualified team that takes charge of the social networks of your establishment to enhance the points we have described today. Contact us!

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