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Since few months we know that Google is gradually rolling out a new AdWords user interface. Word has it this change will be complete and available to everyone sometime in the first half of 2018, so there is very little left.

From thinkIN, we know that there are many hotels that frequently use this tool to improve their positioning and branding on internet, we have already experienced some of the modifications in its Beta version and we are currently using it 100%.

Some of the changes that will catch your attention are, for example: the menu, which goes from being horizontal to vertical, includes the most frequent tabs, which means that access to campaigns is easier. It also facilitates filtering by type of campaign, whether it is Search Network, Display Network, Video Campaign, etc., practically hidden in the previous version.

New version:

Old version:

In the second column, we will have access to all the campaign management tabs such as: Ad Groups, Ads and Extensions, Keywords, Audiences as well as the new Themes and Sites tabs, which were previously integrated into Audiences.

Another of the major changes to highlight, is that the Shared Library disappear from the side menu, the accesses to the Drafts and the massive operations that are integrated under the icon of the English wrench, in which in a more centralized way you can also access Account settings, conversions and the Keyword Planner. Change that, without a doubt, improves the user experience.

New version:

 nuevo google adwords

Old version:

The advantages that we perceive of the new interface are:

That, now, from the “Overview” tab we can see, at a single glance, the main metrics of the account with colorful, more practical and visual graphics. Also, by means of larger graphics we can detect the most important changes affecting our hotel, according to KPIs per day, and thus control the distribution of the budget or detect possible yield reductions to solve it at that moment. The heat map it offers with traffic data is particularly useful for each day and time of the week.

New version:

Old version:


With the change of interface came a modification in demographic targeting options: now, the Search Network also has the parental status that was previously unique to the Display Network. The selection of household income can be useful to guide your ads to audiences with different price sensitivities, very important for our hotel. Now, we also have a new Hearings page. It is very useful, because we can manage the orientation and optimizations of the audience from a single place.

New version:

novedades version nuevas google adwords

Old version:

versiones google adwords


Allowing a quick comparison between different metrics, Google Adwords adapts to the needs of the times and offers a comprehensive and user contextual analysis, so that, from our hotel management, we can better understand their behavior.

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