Low-cost digital services: 2019’s Pandemic

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Market transformation has led to the emergence of low-cost digital services as a possible part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. However, when we let the cost of our actions become more relevant than the quality of our actions, we are making a serious mistake.

It’s not difficult to find through search engines companies that offer a content marketing online, web design or social network management services, among other things, at low cost. But the main problem we have taken less than a second to ask is where is the strategy in all this? Only by understanding the needs of an organization and carrying out an in-depth analysis is it possible to establish a strategy aligned with the objectives of your company and, in the case of external companies that provide this kind of services, to know the cost in order to provide an optimal quality service that meets the needs detected.

The increasing importance of the digital world has meant that companies have to adapt to new ways of communicating and impacting their target audience. Some solutions adopted by companies are to look for the cheapest provider for this kind of services. These intermediaries often lower their fees in detriment of product quality. However, if they offer you service without a detailed action plan, be wary of what you are looking for. Although companies are beginning to value the fact of having and managing their online presence among their needs, we should not confuse this with giving this responsibility to a low-cost strategy that may not monitor the growth and scope of their actions.

Promoting direct sales


It’s no secret that the strategy we value most at thinkIN is to encourage the direct sale of the tourist accommodations that have placed their trust in us. This way of working requires an exhaustive commitment where several of our departments are aligned to achieve this end.

From publications on social networks that seek to connect the destination, characteristics of common areas, hotel rooms, activities, complementary services, etc., through the ads strategy that impacts at source and is optimally positioned in search engines, the study of keywords that develops the texts of a website and blog with highly used search terms, to a responsive design, a fast website and a booking engine that doesn’t require excessive clicks to complete your booking process, all departments involved work with a common goal, something that certainly does not cover a low-cost service.

Only the tourist accommodations completely involved with their digital presence are able to understand that, one thing is to publish a random post on social networks and another very different is that each publication is measured and designed to be part of a long process that complements others to achieve an end. Entrusting your digital strategy to the cheapest bidder can save you money in the short term but it will certainly not generate an ROI like the one you work with when the actions pursue an objective.


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