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The fragmentation of the current tourism market allows potential users to search and book hotels through a large number of options. The website of our hotel must be ahead in direct sales importance with respect to other options such as OTAS, Search Engines, Search Channels and other websites. An independent website is an opportunity to stand out from the rest. Follow these 10 tips and find out how:

1.- Use a responsive design

Many potential users try to book or view aspects of the hotel from their mobile phones or tablets directly on the web. To achieve a high conversion rate it is necessary that our content is optimized and correctly visible from any device. We must not forget Google’s new way of indexing web pages with its “Google Mobile-First Index” in which priority is given to the mobile version.

2.- Attractive visual content

Generally, we decide for one hotel or another taking into account the images they offer us of their rooms, services, other facilities, etc. The web must be a visual impact for the user, but always being honest and realistic. If we use images or information that do not correspond to reality we will get negative reviews on our online reputation. We must tell a story in which we highlight what sets us apart from the competition and all those aspects that make us unique.

3.- Fast, easy and intuitive navigation

For mobile phone users, whose connection is not always at high speed, it is necessary to achieve a charging time of less than three seconds. This time, in comparison to other aspects, is one of the important factors that directly influences the conversion numbers. A simple and intuitive design to properly communicate what we want and make it accessible, are other essential features that we must take into account to increase bookings through our website.

4.- Contact form visible at all times

The user must have the option to leave their data easily at any time of navigation. Many of them leave the web because they do not have direct access to the contact form or because they feel that they demand too much unnecessary data.

5.- Booking engine visible in all navigation

Make sure that the booking engine is present in all sections of your site, always visible. This allows, at any time during navigation, always have access to a possible query of prices or availability without having to scroll much more through the rest of the page. Attracts customers with the use of messages that make them think about the need to book quickly for offers with “expiration date”. These are techniques that invite the consumer to book as soon as possible.

6.- Transparency in special offers and promotions

Through a special offer or promotion we can give the customer what he needs to take the step and book. It doesn’t have to be a price-related benefit, we can offer simple advantages such as a detail on arrival or a special date, quality WIFI connection or the possibility of choosing a room within your own range. Small details that give the customer the push he needs.

7.- Include testimonies

Include comments or testimonials from users who have visited our hotel and who contribute with their positive experience. The vast majority of users always seek favorable opinions or criticisms to finish convincing themselves and finally reserve.

8.- Guarantee security

These are fundamental factors when it comes to influencing customers to make the sale through our website. More and more potential customers are checking the security of the site.

Variations in the economy and tourism trends are often changeable and difficult to predict. However, when we adopt certain principles, it will help us to influence travellers’ choices and bring them as close as possible to do a reservation.  

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