How to choose the best booking engine for your hotel

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What should we consider when choosing the best hotel booking engine? Today we bring you some keys that we think will be useful when making a decision.

Choosing a booking engine for your tourist accommodation is not a choice we should take lightly. We have to take into account several fundamental factors since the perfect hotel booking engine can mean a decrease in intermediation costs, a greater loyalty of your clients, more visibility of your hotel, easy to manage prices and more autonomy with respect to other channels.

These are some of the main reasons why we at thinkIN have created beth, the booking engine. After a long journey working with different tourist accommodations around the world, these are some of the features that we believe your hotel booking engine should have:

Proven technology in continuous development

Possibly, at first, we will not need some functions of our booking engine for your hotel, but to be sure that behind it there is a highly technical team that continuously develops improvements for you, without a doubt, has to be a relief. As, for example, recently the hotel booking engine, Beth, developed the integration with Paypal as a payment method. This is a perfect example because, as we optimize our strategy, we will have different ideas that we want to apply to the engine.

Adaptable to your brand

It’s important that the booking engine for your hotel you choose fits in with your brand’s corporate identity, something we’ve thought about and worked on. In addition, in the era of mobile devices, you must know how to adapt to any support and facilitate the reservations as much as possible. We have a responsive design, so beth adapts to smartphones and tablets, both in iOS and Android.

The adaptability of our booking engine goes much further, with a geolocation system that allows buyers to view the information in their own language and purchase rooms with the currency you want.

Custom integrations

The needs of the sector are evolving and that is why we adapt to the integrations that your tourist accommodation needs.
-Channel Manager: Price and availability management with the support of a booking engine that integrates all its functions.
-Metasearch engines: You need an engine that integrates metamanagers, something fundamental for direct sales strategies and monitoring of your campaigns in meta-search engines.
– Property Management Systems (PMS): Surely the receptionists of your accommodation or those responsible for Revenue appreciate having a booking engine for your hotel that integrates with the management of your guests and reservations quickly and efficiently
-Analysis: Monitoring the results obtained is fundamental. You need a booking engine for your hotel capable of integrating with control tools to safeguard the efficiency of your website and campaigns.

100% secure

Beth is PCI compliant for credit card use, so it’s completely safe. We also offer other alternative payment methods through the web, always taking into account the needs of each tourist accommodation and, of course, the country where it is located.

We hope these tips have helped you make a more conscientious decision about the best hotel booking engine you can set up on your tourist accommodation website. If you think we’ve missed something or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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