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The blog has become an essential element of the communications that hotels offer on their corporate websites. There are many advantages that this platform offers, between all of them, it helps to get brand personality through a close speech, it generates organic traffic, it attracts to audiences that are looking for a specifit topic and, obviously, it is the perfect showcase to let guests know the best of the establishment and the environment in which it is located.

Even though the fact that constantly we believe that a blog will never be determinant to get more reservations, we must conceive its benefits in a more intangible way and understand that this is only one step of the chain that may help you to position your brand and, of course, to win more leads.

At thinkIN, we are used to working with this kind of contents, that is why we have decided to choose a list of the 5 most common mistakes that we usually find at hotel’s blogs.

Not having a content calendar

The experience says to us: without organization, there are not results. This is also suitable to content publishing. A right planning will be useful to overtake events, not repeating topics and make the necessary corrections when they are developed. This is a process in which hotels must be involved, even when it hires to an external company or editor for this job. It is important to know what you want to tell about your hotel and make a difference from the information that is already available on the other website different sections.

Omitting SEO strategy

A previous study of your website and audience may help you to choose those topics or keywords that users search. On the other hand, don’t forget to analyze the searching trends to be sure that your strategy is aligned with your intentions. Try to follow the rules and advices about SEO composition to have a better optimization of your posts: extension, keywords, internal links, short sentences, good headlines… In any case, don’t feel obsessed about doing all perfectly if that means that your posting style is going to be affected. Establish your priorities and respect them in all your posts.

Looking to yourself

It is not useful to spend months describing how many pools you have, which is the restaurant menu and what guests are going to find in each room. Try to inspire from your blog with tourism contents, that speak about destinations and experiences, or even speak about the new arrivals of your hotel: Mother’s Day promotions, the new installations opening, and article about a pool party… Use your creativity and you’ll be right.

Choosing easy content

The internet consumers don’t want to read the same content forms anymore. Do you know a most typical article that the classic “you are not going to believe what happened in our anniversary party”? Digital contents are the new platform that journalists have to develop their talent. Precisely due to this, we also have to be able to transfer the famous informative genres to the online world and use them to communicate the best things about the hotel. In summary, don’t write a post about how wonderful is your recepción team: prove it with an interview and get the best quotes.

Ignoring the news

We are sure that there are many topics of general interest that are suitable for your blog: traditional festivals, plans on the nature that we only can do once a year, the famous ‘World Days’ that Social Media loves or even interesting debates in your own industry. Plan your contents, but keep attention to what happens in the world and to all the needs of the hotel framework. It’s a completely added value to be different from the others.

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