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Devised as a more suitable service to the 80’s technology, the work of a call center is one of the most forgotten ones by companies that stand up for the Digital Transformation. Nothing could be further from the truth, this is a direct sales area that offers multiple possibilities for all the companies, especially to hotel owners. Professionalising this service may help you to make the difference and increase your income, that is why we are telling you six reasons that will make you take the plunge and choose this service:

Quality of the service

The customer support through a call center let you have a quick and effective service, with lower waiting times and a personalized attention. On this way, meeting the expectations is easier and the closeness of the answer to requests is guaranteed.

Call center’s opening hours

The call center offers large opening hours and keeping available 24/7 is its purpose. On this way, it can guarantee the right attention to those people who call from different time zone countries.

Modern technology

A call center not only has to tend to people by the phone, it also must keep contact with the customers by the e-mail and, in the ideal context, through the chat room. Obtaining a bigger reach and satisfaction guarantee will always be the objective.


Directing the services of the incoming calls with a call center makes all easier for companies. The service secures the best attention to clients, the care of them, the resolution of possible inconveniences that might be present and the best thing, everything in its native language and always in a close and cordial way.


The call center does not only bring new customers to your company, but also keep them. A personalised attention means Fidelity to the brands that hire this service. This is very important because in many cases, this is the personality of that brand and the strategy must be focused on a close and empathetic behaviour.

Strategic elements

A customer support center claims a bigger percentage of sales, according to the quantity of incoming calls (29% of conversión), bigger customers’ satisfaction (85%) and it offers a better average price if we compare it to websites (42%). In fact, profitability for hotels and guests.

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