TripAdvisor algorithm, everything you need to know to understand and take advantage of your online reputation

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What is written on the Internet, stays on the Internet. If there is a place on the net where that premise is the essential, we would have to refer to TripAdvisor, but does the algorithm of this platform remain the same since it was created? Here’s how to get the most out of your online reputation.


What do we need to know?

  • Current as a claim: TripAdvisor values the trendy, the current, what is the order of the day. This parameter will always benefit much more accommodation, restaurant, and businesses that have been rated in recent months. Is there currently talk about you? Then you are important.
  • The quality of opinions, a key factor: The score that users give in terms of bubbles in their ratings, serves to determine the quality of business services. In this sense, when positioning on the platform, priority will be given to those establishments that offer the best services.
  • Number of opinions: We are talking about a factor that, although it is important, has its own reading. The profiles with the most reviews tend to be at the top, but it is true that TripAdvisor has begun to prioritize these issues combining them with the quality of the reviews that are posted.
  • The goal of the new algorithm: With these modifications, TripAdvisor wants to more accurately reflect the performance of a business over time with respect to other establishments that are in the same location, regardless of its size or the number of opinions it receives.


What can I do to improve my online reputation?

Taking all these factors into account, how can we take advantage of our online reputation?

  • Encourage our customers to use the TripAdvisor platform: In this way, we will be able to collect as many current reviews as possible and our business will climb positions.
  • Keep track of what our customers say: TripAdvisor is the best tool to know what our customers think about our business. What works and what doesn’t, they will tell us.
  • A better knowledge of the competition: It is important to stand out in comparison with the performance of other businesses in the area. When a business moves up the rankings, it directly affects others who are close to your position. Moves in the popularity rating may result from opinions about a particular business or opinions received by other businesses in the area.
  • Having an online reputation manager: Without a doubt, we need someone who can answer as soon as possible and keep track of the different opinions that are expressed about our business on the net. In this way, our audience will feel listened.
  • Always act with honesty, objectivity and coherence: When it is within our possibilities, we have to try to meet customer requests quickly and efficiently, trying to provide positive value. On the other hand, when this is not possible, we must adopt a sincere and clear position that faithfully reflects the existing reality.

The steps to follow are simple, but if you consider that in order to manage all this you need to have a professional and qualified team to take care of it: Contact us!

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